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Wondering What's Up in the Watershed?

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Upcoming Events

Sat, Jul 25 - Water Chestnut Removal
Sat, Aug 22 - Storm Drain Labeling
Sat, Sep 12 - Fly Fishing Clinic
Sat, Sep 26 - Source to Sea Cleanup

Ongoing - The Watershed Waltz (DVD)
Ongoing - 1955 Flood (DVD)

The Westfield River drains the eastern slopes of the Berkshire Hills of southwestern Massachusetts, then joins the Connecticut River in Agawam. WRWA was established in 1953 to protect and improve the natural resources of the Watershed, as well as to expand recreational and other land use opportunities for people's enjoyment and for sound ecology. WRWA is a tax-exempt non-profit organization funded largely by membership dues and some grants. WRWA is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected each spring at the organization's annual meeting. If you share our goals, please join us by volunteering some time or becoming a member!


Storm Drain Labeling
in Southwick

With the help of nearly a dozen volunteers we've labeled more than 400 storm drains in Southwick so far this summer - but, there's more to do! To volunteer your help, meet at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 22 in the parking lot of the Gristmill shopping plaza on the NE corner of the Rt. 10/202 and Rt. 57 intersection. Wear older clothes (the adhesive can be messy) and bring sunscreen and water. We'll be working in different areas of town til about noon. The streets must be dry for the adhesive to work, so recent or ongoing rain will postpone. Contact Mike Young at 413-562-8498 before 10 on the evening before for more information.

Stormwater Management and
Storm Drain Labeling

Wondering what those labels on the curb are all about? (We've placed more than 4000 of them in Westfield, Russell, Huntington, Chester and Worthington over the past five years!) They're a reminder that the storm drain system isn't connected to the wastewater treatment plant - what goes down those storm drains goes straight into our local rivers and ponds (or, in some cases, into the ground). Here are links to a new (2014) informational brochure on stormwater and wastewater management, from the City of Westfield:

Stormwater (English) (Spanish) (Russian) (Nepalese)

Interactive Watershed Map:
Invasive Species Data

View larger invasive species map
View larger stream crossing map

This block will feature watershed research results and is currently under construction.

Westfield River Watershed
Invasive Species Project

Want to help combat the spread of invasive species in your community? WISP is a partnership of environmental organizations and local residents in the Westfield River watershed, promoting cooperative efforts to protect native habitats and manage invasive species through education, early detection, eradication, and management. Is there a special place in your town that is being overrun with invasive plants? Do you want to learn to identify new invasive species that may be coming into the area? Visit the WISP webpage or contact them at wrwisp@gmail.com


Please forward any suggestions or corrections to Mike Young at myoung@westfield.ma.edu